Gregory A. Huber

Forst Family Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, Yale University

Contact and other information is available on my homepage.



My teaching focuses on American politics, encompassing topics in both political institutions and behavior.

At the undergraduate level, recent subjects include courts and the criminal justice system, bureaucracy and public administration, domestic political economy, and political behavior.

At the graduate level, I developed a three courses series on core areas of American Politics: (1) Political Preferences and American Political Behavior, (2) Collective Action and Choice, and (3) Political Institutions.

In addition, a great deal of my recent teaching has been focused on training in the conduct of research. This includes both Research and Writing, a required course for all second-year PhD students, and the undergraduate Senior Colloquium for those undertaking the year-long senior essay. (Additional professional development material for graduate students is available here.)

Syllabi for recent classes are available on the server (requires Yale NetID). All material is available upon request.

Selected Undergraduate Courses

American Political Economy

American Political Polarization

Crime and Punishment

Democracy and Bureaucracy (Public Administration)

Introduction to US Government

Political Preferences and American Political Behavior

Politics of Crime Control

The Senior Colloquium

Selected Graduate Courses

American Political Institutions

Bureaucratic Politics

Collective Action and Choice

Intoduction to Politics (for first year PhD students)

Political Organization

Political Preferences and American Political Behavior

Research and Writing